"You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can not get them across, your ideas will not get you anywhere"
Lee Iacocca


Client: SHIP
Project: Implementation of Presentations and Education Team including presentation skills development for select staff, management, executive and Board members and the content development and delivery of all PowerPoint Presentation materials. Teambuilding activities and initiatives including delivery of workshops, facilitation of focus group sessions and creation of corporate Mission Statement.  Public Relations materials including text for website, annual reports and speeches for CEO and Board Chair.

Client: Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario (HSFO)
Project: Public relations link to all Northeastern and Northwestern Ontario media outlets for upcoming events, announcements, photo ops and fundraising campaigns by distributing media alerts and press releases. Follow-up includes coaching medical spokespeople, scheduling and booking of media interviews and tracking of media exposure.

Client: North East LHIN (Local Health Integration Network)
Project: Communications team member for official public launch of NE LHIN.  Co-ordinated delivery of videoconference link in five markets viewed by select media and major stakeholders in healthcare field.  Follow-up coverage includes development and delivery of press releases and information release through articles written and distributed to health and media publications.

Client: Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM)
Project: Media relations liaison between NOSM and Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario for co-ordinated press conferences and events.  Public relations and promotion through research, development and delivery of contributions to quarterly report publication Northern Passages and feature article for NOSM’s Inaugural Magazine.

Client: Cambrian College
Project: Research, development and delivery of annual report materials and article contribution for publication in Alumni Magazine.  

Client: Laurentian University
Project: Research, development and delivery of feature articles for publication in Laurentian Alumni Magazine.

Client: Osprey Media
Project: Development of written nominee and winner profiles and voice talent for multimedia events presentations at Ontera Youth Achievement Awards held in four strategic markets.

Client: CBC Radio
Project: Research, development and delivery of two 10-part series documentaries for Morning North and Radio Noon. Research, development and delivery of numerous documentary recordings for broadcast on Morning North.